Bolymedia-Boly Inc hunting cameras and BolySolar show in CES 2018
  • Boly Inc hunting cameras and BolySolar show in CES 2018

    2018-01-15 16:03:23

    Las Vegas---- 2018’s CES gathers a multitude of advanced technologies. Come to Booth No. 21745 to meet the groundbreaking new solar energy module— BolySolar Mobility, presented by Boly Inc.

    The BolySolar Mobility is the second generation of off-grid power generators, which represent Boly’s concentrated PV module technology. By combining the Doubler with a power bank, it uses only 35 Watts of PV cells to generate 70 Watts of electricity. The Mobility supports a marvelous 30 hours worth of continuous power output, and  can charge 6 devices at once.

    Boly Inc.’s core products are hunting cameras--our 4G trail camera attracts high attention from Amazon’s marketplace and Walmart. With a lightning fast 4G data transfer speed, 30MP photos and 1080p videos, the MG984G can capture subject movement up to 100ft away at night, within an angle of 60 degrees.

    The trail camera features long range technology, which allows it to sense subjects and capture images of them at further distances, while covering wider angles, than our competitors’ cameras.

    Boly Inc. will also announce its 4G 4K hunting cameras and BG01-Base later this year, which are cutting edge pieces of wildlife trailing technology.

    Come and see beautiful pictures and videos of wildlife through Boly!

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