Bolymedia-Enhancer 1.2
Enhancer 1.2 NEW

Enhancer 1.2

Boly Solar --- 1.6 Times CPV Module

  • Two reflective panel will focus 1.6 times sunlight on PV cells, and electricity output increase by 60%
  • Small size, light weight and portable design make it convenient to carry out
  • The angle of reflective mirror of Enhancer 1.2 can be adjusted according to the direction of sun shines
  • Application includes existing power plant and mobile power supply for travelling and camping
Technical Parameters

Solar Panel Assembly

Cell Type


Cell Quantity

34 PCS

Output Power

49.12 W

Peak power

30.7 W

Peak Voltage

17 V

Peak Current

1.81 A

Power range


Solar Panel Size

For 30 degree use:561*507*615 mm
For 15 degree use:561*422*585 mm

Folded Solar Panel Size

561*378*32 mm